My interest to know, explore and research more about women came after i had the course of Gender Studies, as i was following my studies in Social Anhtopology. This was my second University degree and it was a very conscious decision taken, when i was 35 years old. My first degree was in Computer Engineering, so it was my personal need (and about time) to finally get busy with Social Sciences, actually what i always wanted to do!

Back then me-time and my mental wellbeing was my choice and priority!

The whole curicullum was eye opening for me! And the idea and content of Gender Studies was so interesting, that i really had an A-HA moment! And i though: “we women are so very different and we have suffered and stood a lot through the centuries, only because we are women and because men’s world has decided what is our place in this world!”. I was thinking – and still do – that women are so beautiful, so unique and fascinating and it’s so hard they get through so many struggles!

Even in 2020, in some societies women are treated from men worse that objects or animals! They are of the least significance to their environment. They are considered to be weak, dirty, with no rights to speak up, to express or to have any opinion. They are mostly fertility machines making children. And what if they are not able to do this “job”!!!

Women through centuries carry a lot of shame, doubt, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, guilt, sadness, disappointment, rejection, pain. They are judged from the color of their skin, hair, eyes, till their body shape, their kilos, thei height, the way they express, if they don’t talk much, for their opinions, their profession, their style, YOU NAME IT!!! And this has brought to them also a lot of overwhelming feelings like resentment, anger, frustration, stress, burn-out.

After i finished my studies in Social Anthropology and after a lot of reading and research, i decides to follow my first course in Coaching. But it was very mainstream to me, all this Goal setting and material about models, that actually didn’t work for me. So, was it something wrong with me?

Well … not exactly. It took a little time to realise. When self-doubt got out of my way, i decided to find something absolutely addresed to women! It took me some months and only then i came accross a new and innovative method that was desighed from a woman, especially for women! And this was Creatrix®!

One year later i’m still super excited and grateful that i heard my instict and i went for that course!

Knowing about your Female Nature can be the most life changing experience of your life! And that’s exactly what was for me!

Self-love is the first act of LOVE that you need!

How much more confident i am now! I have a luggage full of knowledge and tools that helped me become the best version of myself and i was able to change life, carrier, perspective. I know i’m good enough as a mother and i enjoy this role more and more! And i enjoy more in general! I dare to reach higher and i DO, because now i know how to make things work for me!

I found my way and i can help you on this direction! Or you can find your own way! The only condition is that you decide to GO for it! To be READY to change yourlife because you realize that your mental wellbeing is your highest priority!

Find the little girl inside you and she will guide you on your way!

Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-love and self-care take their true place in your life and you see how everything has a different meaning, flavor, smel, color in this journey!

Fear and self-doubt can live very deep inside, just because women don’t have the knowledge they need, that will give the answers and make clear everything they feel and experience!

And you know what? All the wisdom and all the answers you need lie within!



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