In the middle of the autumn, another lockdown for everyone. For me it was more or less expected, not sure if we could have avoided it, as most of the people were tired of living with restrictions.

No surprise, as it’s in the human nature that people want to be and feel free! On the other hand what was missing the mostly was empathy, caring ans solidarity for those in need – older people, those in high risk, people working in the health care system!

So can we say that the 2nd lockdown was a choice? Yes and no!

Yes for the people that didn’t respect the measures.

No for those that were carefull and aware of the situation and the impact that the pandemic would have.

In any case think for a moment:

? Are you more prepared for the 2nd lockdown?

? Is it as uncomfortable now as it was before?

? Is there anything you learned from fase 1?

? Do you have the resources to deal with new challenges?

? How do you FEEL?

? What is it that you still need to empower yourself?

? What is more important to you right now?

? What do you believe that will happen in the near future and how is it goinf to affect you?

? Have you found new ways to make a “new normality” of your own?

Normality is so relevant nowadays and if you think about it, the “old normality” would probably seem a bit out-dated now!

Actually more and more people get the message and want to go a level up! And that’s a personal win and an internal and conscious procedure!

On YOUR way to the next level, try to clarify your emotions and get the message they want to deliver! This will help you be more aware and connect with yourself and others and practice empathy! Because we are all together into this and now it’s the best opportunity to support each other!

And even if we cannot hug, we can choose to be kind!

Keep on smiling even under the mask!

Because the eyes always say the truth!

And remember: when you doubt just be spontanious! ?

See you soon




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