While reading this title, probably a bell is ringing already! You may think of past events and situations that you want to hide or to forget.

Rapidly a lot of thoughts, memories and fears come up and then you cannot prioritize what is served first. There is a bottleneck, speaking with IT terms.

The heartbeat becomes faster, maybe you have sweety hands, it starts feeling uncomfortable!

And it’s ok that it happens! Everyone has been in this situation! And this is a big sign for change!

But it feels more uncomfortable when you deny that something is there and is blocking your way, although you really try to stay in your comfort zone!

The truth is that you have to accept it, if you want to get rid of it! Whatever this is!

Defending and denying causes a lot of wasted energy! Energy that you need to put on yourself, on your way to your self-growth! In order to build the best relationship with the most important other: YOU!

So instead of resisting and denying your blockages, your limiting beliefs and your fears, it can be so very liberating just to accept what is causing you stress, anxiety and negativity!

Be kind to yourself and make you the favor to take responsibility of what you own and what you want to change. Because change comes first from within and then you can see the effect in your environment and the people around you!

If you want to see the difference, start making things differently!

Think about it!

And instead of avoiding the uncomfortable truths, like this post as a first act of acceptance!

Because you DO matter! And you can set your heart free!

Magda Tsitsoni

Coach/Mentor/Trainer & Creatrix® Transformologist®

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