We support every woman who needs it!

Today is the International Women’s Day!

And a great chance to give the true meaning to this day, especially having the last year’ s experience!

One of the challenges we face is how to help forge a gender equal world!

Studying Social Anthropology, I was especially interested in Gender Studies. There I realized how all the stereotypes and bias affect women’s lives in practice! It doesn’ t matter if events happen in the other side of the planet and we don’t see them. They still happen!

Societies give less opportunities to women compared to men in education, civil and human rights, politics and business.

Women face discrimination, abuse and violence of any kind! In many countries a woman’s life is less important than an object! And their sex is reason enough! They are blamed, mistreated, living in the shadow, full of guilt and traumas.

It’s huge to feel there is nothing you can do to change your situation and help yourself out!

That’s the challenge that societies face right now: raise awareness and take action for equality!

And each and everyone of us is the society! We have to stand for those who need us!

Talking mostly about women this day:

for us women it needs more effort to come up to the standards and requirements that are set for us without us, in order to be considered equals to men. Instead, and only to name some, we are considered emotionally and physically weak and fragile. At work we are not considered reliable, as we become mothers and we need to be absent for some months from work. When we don’ t become mothers for ANY reason, we are criticized. We are as well criticized for our looks, our hair, body size, clothing, attitude, voice, putting boundaries, not putting boundaries! We are criticized for everything! For who we are and the choices we make!

Meaning, we HAVE choices! We just don’ t always see them! We are not educated or self-aware of how to do things differently and better for us! How to create the environment and the life we want! It’s an ongoing process and a journey to the light!

So many stereotypes, so many labels, so many bias, that should be enough by now and has to change!

In the western world there are laws protecting women, but only after incidents happen and almost never as precautions.

Being optimistic, I can say this is a good start! There are many more steps that need to be taken in the future, so we can all live in societies feeling safe to live and express!

And this is a right! Equality and freedom is a right!

We women don’t need to be treated as minority, because we are not! All that we women are has to be taken into serious consideration! Girls and boys from a young age need to be educated in order to know, understand and respect our biological and hormonal differences, how our cycle affects us. In a content that criticist has NO place! Where every woman is free to choose who she wants to be! Where everyone can be their true and authentic self!

The world is changing and the pandemic came as a new challenge to give us all a message:

What we may feel or experience for a while – the isolation, the mask on the face, the lack of touch, hug, contact, freedom, you name it – is the life and the routine of many other people that we don’t know and probably we will never meet! Though in a universal way we are all together into this!

Empathy and emotional intelligence is what we can ALL learn and practice! And what present and future generations need to know is that you can unlearn and re-learn whatever doesn’t serve you, as long as you want to become a better human being and make a difference and impact around you!

So remember!

Happiness is a choice!

Freedom is a choice!

To be authentic is a choice!

To speak your truth is a choice!

To put boundaries is a choice!

You are unique!

You are good enough!

You are beautiful the way you are!

Celebrate your victories!

Always remember self-love and self-care!

What you don’t like, you can change it!

Make a gift to yourself and LIVE!

Setting your heart free is a choice!

Change is a choice!

The ONLY one that can take the steps is YOU!

Magda Tsitsoni

Coach & Creatrix® Transformologist®

Women to blossom |The Guide to Thrive Team

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