Today is a special day for all Transformologists® around the globe and we broadcast a collective message about what Creatrix® Transformology®, this new modality is, introduced in the Personal Development for Women Industry!

The most important is that we share our own stories and experiences from before and after Creatrix®.

My story?

I had my own big Anger Iceberg!

Anger was my automatic response, my pattern to almost every trigger event that was happening!

I was trying to find something different to help myself out, as the classic coaching methods were not working for me and other methods I had tried were not a good fit. I couldn’ t meditate or relax with yoga. I was anxious and everything seemed too slow for me. I had no patience!

I had enough!!!

Until I found Creatrix®! It was the right moment to put all these experiences into place and find what I can do for myself! So i made myself a gift and took the course.

During my break-through process with Creatrix®, this anger iceberg started melting.

What came underneath was the heart-breaking and heavy belief “I HAVE to!”

I HAVE to be strong, I HAVE to take care of everything, I HAVE to get things done on my own, I HAVE to lower my voice, I HAVE to do things I don’t like so others are pleased, I HAVE to downgrade my temperament (I’m too intense), I HAVE to do a job I don’t like (“– you need a paycheck!”) and so on!

I had become hard and tough, I felt I needed to survive in situations that were not made for me and I hadn’ t chosen!

I was feeling disconnected from self and others, I always had the impression I was different and I was criticized for that! And it was hurting me! And my reaction, my pattern was to be more angry and I was becoming more and more tough!

In the last session of my break-through process, I creatrixed® a whole phrase: “ I HAVE to be strong, so I become hard and tough”. That was my belief that made me struggle so much! In the end of the session I was a completely new person!

I had no tension, I was lighter, happy, relieved and I heard a “crack” sound on my chest that my facilitator can confirm that she heard as well! How more amazing than this can a transformation be!!!

You can only understand this feeling if you have the same experience! Words cannot describe the moment and all the moments after this life changing experience!

Now I’m able to get in and out of situations as a completely new person! I now know and can face any challenge in a different way, as i’m much more emotionally intelligent!

I’m strong, I don’t HAVE to be strong!

I’m the woman that I WANT TO BE! And I have the wisdom and the resources to work towards this direction every single day!

That’ s why I’m so passionate about Creatrix®!

I helped myself and now I help other women transform their lives!

Does this story sound familiar?

What do you wait for?

How much more will you allow yourself to struggle and stay stuck?

Take the decision and make the steps to become the woman you want to be! To have the life you want and deserve!

Contact me now!

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Take care,

Magda Tsitsoni

Coach | Motivator | Creatrix® Transformologist®

Social Anthropologist

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