We often wish we had never been hurt, we think that life would be easier this way. Sometimes there is pain we cannot carry on with.

The truth is that through what we experience – good or bad – we  grow and get to understand ourselves and life better through the lesson we get. These experiences are not always pleasant and there are wounds created, some deeper some not so deep, similar to physical wounds or scratches.

What can cause mental health issues is staying stuck in the memory of a heart-breaking memory or period for long.

Think for a moment: are all wounds so deep that we cannot get over them somehow, or is it also a matter of perception?

What can help us get in the process of healing are emotions!

Emotions are like messages that come to deliver important information about a situation or an intense emotional moment you are going through.

There is stress and fear filling your mind and all of your thoughts can be focused on finding the way to fight against the unpleasant feeling that will follow.

Avoiding emotions can lead to developing an avoidance behavior to life itself, where we exclude almost every moment where we experience intense feelings and excitement.

What we really want though is to live a happy life, where emotional wounds will be considered as part of life and we can get over them. That we are resilient to face all challenges in a way that doesn’t affect our wellbeing.

Developing Self-awareness is a key to come to some life changing realizations related to emotions and emotional traumas. In this way we let our experiences teach us what we still need to learn to move forth with self-esteem, optimism, love, happiness, to live in the moment and in flow and look forward to a bright future.

As not all emotional wounds and traumas are the same, they need to be treated in a different way.

Most of the times  – as self cannot analyze self – we need to get the right help to be able to heal these emotional wounds.

It’s OK if you cannot do it alone. There is no need to feel disappointment, shame or guilt that you are not where we want to be YET.

Remember that where you are right now doesn’t determine where you want and can be!

Depending on the time to naturally heal us, we just fool ourselves.

Emotional wounds NEED to be taken care of! Otherwise, they become deeper and block us in every level, making everyday life challenges hard to cope with.

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