About me

Hi, I’m Magda

A Greek living in Belgium, a mother of two wonderful children, a dreamer, an idealist, a passionate woman with Mediterranean temperament! I’m a Self-Awareness and Transformation Coach and Social Anthropologist. I help women understand their emotions and manage their feelings, identify and realize their patterns and limiting beliefs and get rid of them! Beliefs that can also be inherited and explained with the Science of Epigenetics. I show them how they can change what doesn’t serve them any more and keeps them back and stuck! To get rid of the old lenses through which they see the world, break the epigenetic cycle, reach self-awareness, raise Emotional Intelligence and take conscious decisions to conquer the life they choose and makes them happy! Moreover to find their highest good and their purpose! To become the best version of themselves and literally blossom!

And despite what you may think, change is easy to happen! You just need to commite and choose the right professional that can walk together with you to the other side of the river!

My journey in personal-growth and how i managed to change my life!

My first degree was in Computer Engineering and for many years i was working in technical positions. It needed a lot of energy and effort to develop myself technically and to prove I was good enough as a professional, although at the same time I was in an environment that just wanted to doubt me as a woman. It really seemed to be a men’s world! I was thinking that this was not fare, as I had to deal with the same people and the same environment every single day. I was a good professional, but my work wasn’t recognized.

With the time I got exhausted and in the end frustrated! With my work and my life!

I was complaining and was no longer happy! It took me a lot of time to realize that it wasn’ t the working environment and my superiors that couldn’t appreciate my work, it was ME that i was developing in the wrong direction!!!

I was going against my flow, trying to prove myself! In the end frustration, anger and negative feelings were affecting my whole life! Practically i had a stable professional future. and an organized life, that i had to compromise with, according to the social standards!

But I knew it was something more than that out there for me!

So i decided to reach higher, to explore, to follow my dreams, my female nature, my passion and my talents! I continued my studies in Social Anthropology, as i always wanted to explore more of the human nature under the prism of Social Sciences! And I was doing great with my choice! I was so happy! Soon I met my husband and life took lead.

Soon after I moved to Belgium in 2015 and had my first child, anxiety, anger and negative feelings that I couldn’t handle, came back! The first period after the birth of a baby, especially after the first one, is difficult for every woman in different ways! Hormones play a crucial role in our mental health and the way we perceive and experience things! New mums have to cope with uncertainty, tiredness and sleepless nights that this totally new experience brings along! And that’s absolutely normal, as there is the responsibility of a new life that you have to take care and you have to be always there for. Although back then I couldn’t see this clearly. In addition I had to deal with professional uncertainty and the need to start a career all over again from scratch and that seemed as difficult as crossing a desert! To make the long story short, I felt I had no control over my life anymore!


Normally I should calm down, take things as they were coming, be patient, focus on the miracle I was holding on my hands and trust my mother instinct. But I just couldn’t! I didn’t know that there was no need to explain myself so much for everything I was intuitively doing in this new era of motherhood! I was doubted from my environment and I was doubting myself! Advices that didn’t feel right to me to follow, were coming from everywhere! I felt I had lost myself! It was a big change that I was struggling to deal with and I had lost balance in every level! At least this is how it felt back then!

It took a while before I realized I had to look deeper inside.

Soul and heart searching, introspection

I had to work more on my Personal Development path!

I started reading books and following a lot of webinars. Soon I decided to take a course in Coaching and get the knowledge needed to become a Coach, as I now knew that, that was it for me! This would be my new career! This is what I wanted the most, still want and is my passion and purpose! To work with people, to help them, to inspire them and lead them to emotional freedom!

But classic coaching, models and goal setting was not my thing. This approach didn’t work for me. It was a piece missing from the puzzle.

I needed to reach selfawareness and inner peace, to learn the life lessons i was missing, to recognize my patterns, to change what was not working for me, to get rid of limiting beliefs and old ways to react towards negative feelings (chronic automatic reactions), to know more and understand emotions and feelings, to get rid of everything that was keeping me back, to become selfconfident, to love myself, to love others, to see other perspectives, to understand I could still make my own choices, to accept the different, to stop criticism and selfcriticism, to stop wanting to control everything, to appreciate all the nice things that life brings, to make the best out of every situation, to make conscious decisions, to be kind to myself and others, to be grateful for everything I have, to know i am enough and good enough to achieve anything and any role i choose, to continue to be authentic, to become the best version of myself!

It was about time to follow my path!

To celebrate my victories, learning to love my female nature and blossom!!! To become a role model for my children and people around me and inspire them!

And I managed to get there! The bell rang once again after a motherhood burnout and then was the time to discover a feminine approach including all what we women are.

I could now realize that when I own my s*it, I can get rid of them! And I did! And I regained confidence, I now knew I was good enough in my role as a mother, I could realize what triggered my anger and anxiety, why I couldn’t handle negative emotions and what was the way to face them differently! I realized that trying to control everything was not the solution, in contrary, it was driving me crazy and was a lot of waisted energy!

“Name it to tame it!”

It’s ME that changed! Not the whole world around me! I still have the same values. It’s just that the new me sees the world differently, because I got rid of the beliefs that were blocking me! In combination with the raise of Emotional Intelligence, this leads to Self-Awareness, new perspective and a new mindset!     

In the real world negative emotions will keep on coming, will always be experienced! Now i experience them without the charge that was there before. I now see myself, my life and everything around me without my old lenses, without my old glasses and my old beliefs that prevented me from realizing what was important!  

Now I know what is important to ME! I know where I want to put my energy on!

And i found what i needed, that brought me to the next level: to transform my life, find the inner wisdom and start a career as a Self-Awareness and Emotional Transformation Coach. And here I am now, to help other women with the same struggles as I once had, go thought their beautiful journey of transforming their lives forever, on solid ground and not on pink clouds! To help them set their hearts free, achieve the best they dream of, deserve and choose for themselves!!!

A combination of elements that make each one of us unique

During my self-growth process, it came up that i have a rare personality type (INFJ) and that i’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). For those you are not familiar with the term, High sensitivity is like other aspects of the personality. It’s as a trait that exists in each person in varying degrees. This gave me a lot of explanations about who i am and relief about all the comments coming from around when i was very young and when i had no idea about the trait, that i’m “over sensitive”. And this was a hat woren on me as a negative characteristic. As something i had to change in order to fit in!!! I now know i don’t have to fit in according to other peoples expectations! And anyway it’s a fact that about 15 to 20 percent of the population is thought to be highly sensitive, with 30 percent in the group being extroverts! And this characteristic actually indicates that HSPs can identify and experience easier bigger range of feelings! You can take the test here and know if you are also a HSP.

Bloom into new paths of self-awareness!

And remember:

Every situation, as bad as it may is, will change!

It doesn’t matter where you are now. It matters where you want to be!

Don’t let any situation victimize you!

Take your responsibility!

Know your patterns.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t work for you!

You can keep your values AND get rid of your limiting beliefs!

Embrace all emotions and feelings! There is a lesson for you to learn in each of them.

Embrace yourself!

Choose yourself!

It’s ok to be different, because differences form personalities!

The best thing you can do is to be authentic, to be yourself, to speak your truth.

Get inspiration from others but don’t compare yourself to them.

You have unlimited possibilities.

Define what well-being means for you!

Not everyone will like you in this life and that’s OK!!!

Make choices that make you happy! If you are not happy then make other choices!

If you are happy then everyone around you will be happy!

Your impact is huge for your loved ones!

You are enough and good enough!

Love can move mountains!


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