Creatrix® is a high-end Personal Development tool! With the help of a Transformologist® a woman can get through a complete break-through process, where she will make conscious changes in her unconscious mind, using her own words! It has nothing to do with everything you know and have tried already! It’s not hypnosis! It’s an advanced visualization tool that is practiced with closed eyes.

Creatrix® Transformology® is an innovative modality that helps women get rid of their negative feelings and limiting beliefs that keep them back and stuck. Beliefs that can also be inherited and explained with the science of Epigenetics. I also help women identify and change their patterns that don’t work for them anymore! To change their chronic automatic responses to triggers! To get rid of their old lenses through which they see world! With Creatrix® women can break the epigenetic cycle, reach self-awareness, raise Emotional Intelligence, and take conscious decisions to conquer the life they choose and makes them happy! To find their highest good! They become the best version of themselves! A total break-through process in 3 to 7 sessions, based on the outcome, which leads to a complete Transformation with long-lasting results!

Creatrix® works because it’s designed especially for women, based on the Science of Epigeneticsa revolution in the Personal Development Industry – taking into consideration the emotional and biological differences women have from men. The differences are there and women learn to ignore them, as they want to fit in, in a men’s world! They are convinced that they have to leave their true nature and their gut feeling aside, otherwise they seem week and “irrational” (that’s a social construction), but it’s more than that! It has to do with our Hormonal System and the Female Factor! We cannot go against nature! Trying to meet the expectations of a world made from men, is what leads many women to burn out, anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, insecurity, uncertainty, self-doubt, overthinking, self-critisism, lose self-esteem,  you name it! It’s very common that women believe they are not good enough or not enough in their roles, as mothers or as proffessionals.

What Creatrix® does is helping you change your running software and replace it with a new version that serves you better! By being honest to yourself, speaking your truth and embracing all of your feelings, you learn the life lessons you need to learn, you gain the wisdom you need to transform your life and move on lighter! You become stronger to overcome any challenge!

You have the choice!

Ask yourself:

  • what is the cost for your life and the people you love, if you take no action and stay stuck?
  • what is the value of having the life you dream of?
  • where do you want to be?
  • who do you want to become?

From everything you have tried so far, Creatrix® is THE tool in Personal Development designed especially for women, to help you bring blossoms in your life!

If you want to know more, you can contact me and we can talk further!

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