Here are the services offered to my clients:

  • Let’s talk – free service

30 min talk where you can ask me anything and find out how I can help you.


  • “Defind you” in person sessions

1-hour session with emotional intelligence approach using practical tools, to get to the core of things. You can book multiple sessions.

Price: 78€


  • Walking Coaching sessions in nature

If the client wishes to be out in the nature and the daylight, this can also happen. The fresh air and the physical move can be beneficial! You can book multiple sessions.

Price: 78€


  • Blockage Identifier Consultation

A discovery session to reveal what is blocking you from reach your full potential and is keeping you back. It’s followed by a personal analysis and a proposed personalized program for the best results to be achieved.  

Price: 97€


  • 1 to 1 Creatrix® sessions, part of your Breakthrough program

The sessions can take place in person or online. The experience has shown that online sessions can be facilitated with the same success as the once that take place in person.

Price per program


  • Training courses, webinars and workshops live and on demand

The original material is created as part of The Guide to Thrive, the female way project. They are offered as stand alone or as in combination with a coaching program.

Price varies

Please visit “The Guide to Thrive” tab for more.


  • One day online with me!

You want to have a 1:1 consultation, but you are tele-working, home schooling, having a baby or more children at home. So your agenda is very busy to be able to schedule a coaching session.

You don’t have to worry. Now you can have a day online with me for 10 hours!

You fill in a questionnaire and you request the topic or area you want to talk about with me.

We interact with text and mostly with voice messages, that you can listen again afterwards.

Does it sound like the perfect solution for you?

This service costs 98€.

You can book multiple days.


All services are conducted either in English, Dutch or Greek.


To book your appointment please visit the link below:

If you don’t find the time preferred, contact me via


Thank you!


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