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The Guide to Thrive project

The first cycle of “The Guide to Thrive” series of webinars, started in Nov 2020!

All webinars, masterclasses and workshops are especially designed for women by women based on the concept of:

Female psychology & personal development for women, done differently!

Dominique and myself, both Coaches and Creatrix® Transformologists®, we share the same vision on how we help and support women, as they need a different approach to thrive in life!

So we decided to unite our powers and combine our knowledge, in order to design a unique series of webinars and training material, in order to educate and empower women!


What’s new!

The female way to your emotional freedom” – Masterclass

How can you break your mood cycle effortlessly?When your head is full of negative thoughts, stress & worries and daily routine keeps your mind busy, there is no space left for growth, flow, peace or joy.What do you need to lift up your spirit?Mood-swings are not ALL of who you are! You are more than you believe and you can do better than you think.With this masterclass we help you:
*see your options
*become aware of the great impact you have and turn this into a positive one for you & your loved ones
*step into your wisdom
*find out how to go with your own flowLeave frustration behind and take a leap of faith to re-discover the real YOU.Break loose from the exhausting rut of life and go forward taking conscious decisions for joy, spontaneity, happiness, creativity and abundance because this is the 1 life to live and you deserve to enjoy it!Stop postponing, YOUR time is NOW!

Start living your best life! Join us on one of the three available dates in October:

Tuesday 12/10 at 8pm CEST
-Wednesday 13/10 at 10am CEST
-Friday 15/10 at 13:00pm CEST

Feel welcome to join our renewed Masterclass!


Price: 15€
To register and pay, please follow the link below: https://webinars.theguidetothrive.eu/october-masterclass
When the payment is confirmed you will receive an email with the link to the Masterclass.We would love to see you joining us!

“Female Psychology done differently”.
Because we believe in you & you MATTER!

The Guide to Thrive Team

Magda & Dominique

Coaches, Motivators & CreatrixⓇ TransformologistsⓇ



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Past online events:

3 Steps to a Thriving Life, the female way – Masterclass

(Oct – May 2021)


“The transformational power of emotions”workshop

(April 2021)


Past courses (2020):

Tuesday 17 Nov
1.”Re-discover your female power

You will learn why women need a different approach, how hormones affect our  reactions, feelings and communications. Conscious vs unconscious mind, the Head-Heart-Gut approach, the epigenetic cycle, your current mode, common women issues and other eye-opening facts that will take you out of your comfort zone.


Tuesday 24 Nov
2.”Put your communications in motion, with Emotions” 

We talk about emotions and how they drive people and their communication with self and others. Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness and the wisdom that lies within to help you make the next big step.


Tuesday 1 Dec
3.”Is it self-ish or Self-Care?

Self-care, why you forget about it, how important it is for our well-being, ways to achieve it, what’s the impact in our lives. Self-talk, self-love.


Tuesday 8 Dec: 11:00-12:30
4.”NOW, put your power into Action!

It’s time to see how you can use the knowledge you got from the previous webinars, in order to change your life to the direction you want and thrive!  

This series inspired us to create a Course that you will soon find on Udemy.


The webinars, workshops and masterclasses are at the moment held in English.

To know more or to request any recording you have missed, please send us an email to theguidetothrive@gmail.com

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