Work with me

You are a woman. Enjoy it!

As a Self-Awareness and Emotional Transformation Coach i work with women.

Who are these women? They are women like you!

  • that have achieved a lot in personal and professional life and they have their struggles
  • who know there is something more for them in life!
  • who are stuck or they don’t know how to reach higher
  • who face challenges, as life is busier and more demanding in complicated times
  • that have experienced a lot of changes (can be motherhood), they have lost their balance and try to find a new path
  • that have made steps already towards the direction of self-growth!
  • that want to know more about themselves!
  • who realize they need more self-love and self-care and well-being rings a bell

I was this woman too, before my journey in self growth and self-awareness, so I know where you are standing at right now!

I help these women

  • see other options and perspectives that will lead them to their highest good and their purpose in life!
  • get unstuck and get rid of their limiting beliefs.
  • understand their emotions and deal with their feelings by raising emotions intelligence and reaching self-awareness.
  • regain confidence
  • improve their personal relationships
  • feel free to be theirselves
  • feel good in their own skin
  • speak their truth
  • dare to dream!
  • enjoy every aspect of life!
  • become the best version of their selves!
  • literally blossom!

How do i help them get there?

I have a personalised, female-oriented and intuitive approach.

The results are based on the outcome!

You need to be ready to transform your life and be strongly committed, in order to make it happen!

So if you find yourself between these lines, come in contact with me NOW and i will tell you more about how we can work together!

The sessions are held both online and in person.

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